The 2018 Year in Review

We are so proud of our growth this year, but like all good growing, there were struggles. (Whew! Were there ever!) Our botanic babies had to endure a lot throughout the season- flash floods, hailstorms and extreme disease pressure from the excess of rain. Because of this, we learned a lot (mostly the hard way) and have come out of it knowing so much more than if the weather had been perfect.

Photo by Delia Palmisano

We trialed many new flowers, some were a smashing success and some we won’t grow again. We are slowly zeroing in on the flowers that bloom the best in our little corner of the world and learning each plant’s habits and needs.

Thanks to our wonderful CSA members!  Because of you, we are able to expand our collection of perennials, bulbs and woody plants.  You will see this variety reflected in the bouquets this year! We are getting our hoop house in working order and we added a cooler – Pandora’s Box, as she is lovingly called.  Shout out to Shannon for all his hard work on the cooler!

Beds are being expanded and new methods of sowing are being tested. We can’t wait to share the blooms of our success in the coming season!

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