Cleaning up in the mud!

Remember that really warm day last week?  I know, it seems like forever ago now that we have such deep snow glittering all around us.  Well, my helpers and I took advantage of that warmth to get a job done.

I hadn’t thought of cleaning out all the starting trays when it was still warm in the fall.  When I recently went to get some seeds started, I saw the error in my ways.  Luckily, we had one day of warmth for me to redeem myself and two willing and excited helpers.

Many hands make the job…well, maybe not lighter, but more fun at least.  We donned our waterproof boots and pants, hooked up the hose that had been stored away, and got to scrubbing.

Those mud puddles kept getting bigger and bigger until scrubbing turned into jumping and running and splashing.  It was a good day to get a job done.


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