About Us

The Flower Farm CSA was an idea that sprouted between two mothers of young children on a family bike ride.  Betti Calhoun had forever wanted to have a flower CSA, but as a very busy mother of two young children, she didn’t feel that she had the time to do this on her own.  Margaret Hoff had been toying with the idea of sustainable farming, but she wanted to focus on creating a large habitat for bees, birds, butterflies, and all the little critters that need space and safe habitats to survive.  A flower farm seemed like the perfect combination, and thus The Flowering Farm in Athens County, Ohio was born.


The Flowering Farm was born in 2017:  we began with a dream, some seeds, a patch of overgrown field and we ended up with a beautiful flower garden.  We had a small CSA  to learn slowly, and experimented selling through different venues.  This year, in 2018, we hope to expand our CSA, sell more flowers at market, and continue to grow the many varieties of the Earth’s laughter.