About Us

Our origins:  The Flowering Farm CSA was an idea that sprouted between two mothers of young children.  Betti Calhoun had wanted to have a flower CSA, and Margaret Hoff wanted to focus on sustainable farming and creating safe habitats for bees, birds, butterflies, and all the little critters in our Appalachian ecosystem.  A flower farm seemed like the perfect combination, and thus The Flowering Farm in Athens County, Ohio was born in 2017.

We began with a dream, some seeds, a patch of overgrown field and we ended up with a beautiful flower garden. 

The Flowering Farm is all about growing and blossoming into many new shapes and colors and as an organization we have grown into a different shape than our original plan.  Betti has returned to her other love of teaching young people.  Margaret and her daughter continue the Flowering Farm CSA with its gorgeous, local, fresh flowers as it brings so much color, fun and life to our farm and our family.

Today we offer our Summer CSA to anyone who would like a weekly bouquet delivered to their door in the Athens area.  Soon we hope to offer bouquet making workshops at the farm for friends to come together and build bouquets in the good company of our many pollinators and flowering plants.

Margaret & Betti in the original garden picking for our weekly deliveries.