Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

We have a few easy steps for you to help out our beautiful earth!  These are from Doug Tallamy, and his book “Bringing Nature Home” and we highly recommend reading any of his books! We also suggest reading Jane Goodall’s “The Book of Hope.”  Below are 5 easy steps to take to make a real difference on this Earth Day.

  1.  Plant Keystone Native Plants
    1. We can tackle both climate change and the insect apocalypse/biodiversity catastrophe
      1. Native plants support so many more caterpillar and insect species – which then support native birds
      1. Plants absorb and hold carbon dioxide
  2. Reduce Light Pollution for night insects and migratory species
    1. Put up a motion sensor on security lights
    1. Use yellow LED light bulbs – these do not bother insects
  3. Stop Killing Mosquitos by poison and sprays
    1. Spraying for mosquitos does not wipe out the mosquito, because we cannot control the mosquito by killing it in as an adult in the cycle.  Instead, we are killing so many other insects that we want! 
    1. An easy, organic way to kill them is to kill them where they lay their eggs with a mosquito dunk – you can buy this online or at your local hardware store and it ONLY kills mosquito larvae – won’t harm dragonfly larvae, humans or any other species.
  4. Shrink your lawn – (plant natives!)
  5. Eliminate Invasive Plants – these take over our native ecosystems and eliminate the ability of our natives to feed and support native species.  It can be hard work but it is so worth the work to watch native species come back into our forests, meadows and backyards.

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