Happy Mother’s Day!

As I see life through my children’s eyes, I wonder which memories will be indelibly etched.  I think back to my own childhood memories.  I remember my mother growing Lamb’s Ears so I could pick them and play with their soft and woolly leaves.  I remember the bed of Roman Chamomile she planted just so my brother and I could walk on it; the heady, apply smell filling the summer air.  I can still see the Sassafras patch in our front yard she introduced me to – chewing the twigs that tasted spicy and fruity.  These plants felt like friends, my trusty comrades, as I imagined my way through so many adventures on our family land.

I love these pictures that paint my childhood.  I hope my children have the same beauty and wildness to fill their childhood memories, and I hope they find the same friendship in the plants that share our spaces so they can have green cohorts wherever they may go. Thank you Grama Bertie, for giving us such beautiful land, filled with wildness, on which to grow. Thank you Mom, for introducing me to so many friends and planting them close. Happy Mother’s Day!

  Grabbing some basil to have a first taste.                                Watering in his very own blueberry bushes.

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